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MOUSE full form

MOUSE full form

Mouse Full Form- In today’s time, Mouse is the most used device with computer. Mouse is quite useful, most of the functions of computer are based on Mouse, hence it is very important for all the people to have information related to computer and the devices used in it. What are the things we have to use for computer so that our work can become better, we can use mouse in computer as well as laptop, most of the people use mouse but there is no information related to it. Therefore, if you also want to know about Mouse, then here we have given you complete information related to Mouse full form, Mouse Full Form, Mouse Ka Full Form, Mouse Full Form in Computer.

Full form of mouse

The full form of mouse is “Manually Operated Utility for Selecting Equipment”. Its meaning in Hindi is “manually operated utility selection device”. Mouse is a device used in computer, through which input instructions are given to the computer.


M – Manually

O – Operated

U – Utility

S – Selecting

E – Equipment

What is the function of mouse?

Many tasks can be done on a computer with the help of a mouse. Below we have explained in detail what is the function of the mouse.

  • With its help the cursor can be moved anywhere on the computer screen.
  • You can select a single file on the computer screen or select multiple files at the same time.
  • A file can be moved from one place to another.
  • You can open any file visible on the computer screen by double clicking it.
  • Any program running on the computer screen can be closed.
  • The computer screen can be scrolled by means of the mouse’s scroller.
  • We can do graphic editing in computer with the help of mouse.

In this way you have learned what the mouse does. Now you have to find out how many types of mice are there.

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