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Grow yellow capsicum at home, just follow these steps

Grow yellow capsicum

Capsicum is very tasty to eat. Capsicum is also a good option for making snacks to desi sabzi. If you are bored with green capsicum, then we have come up with a method to grow yellow capsicum for you.

Eating yellow capsicum will also taste good. Also, you will not have to spend separately to buy it. Let us know how yellow capsicum can be grown at home.

What are the requirements?

  • yellow bell pepper
  • clean soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Sunlight

First prepare the soil

To grow plants well, it is necessary that we first clean the soil. This makes the plant feel good. Before growing yellow capsicum, remove stones and dirt from the soil. Also keep the soil in the sun for 1 to 3 days. This removes all the dirt present in the soil.

Grow yellow capsicum like this at home

To grow capsicum at home, first put soil in the pot. After this, take the seeds of yellow capsicum and put them in the pot. Now put some more soil and water on top of the seed. After doing this, you have to apply sunlight to the pot daily and also give water. Keep in mind that you are also mixing manure in the pot. After waiting for few days the plant will start growing and capsicum after the plant grows up.

Keep these things in mind

While planting capsicum plant, take care of sunlight along with soil and manure. This will make your plant bloom well. Also, take care of the fertilizer used for the plant. Fertilizers made with pesticides can harm your plants.

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