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7 Best Android App

Best Android App

Friends, today we are going to tell you information about 7 Best Android App in this post, which are going to be of some use in the life of every mobile user and it is necessary to have these 7 Best Android App in your mobile, because it will definitely be useful for you.

At this time, every person has a mobile, from children to the elderly, every person uses mobile and that person using mobile feels that he can do his work easily by using his mobile well, but not everyone knows, which App is good and which is bad and that person installs many apps in his mobile, but those apps are not of much use to him.

Installing more apps reduces the space of the mobile and the mobile becomes very slow and sometimes the mobile does not even work completely. Even with these small things, a lot of our mobiles get switched off.

In this post, knowing all the above things, we have brought 7 Best Android Apps for you. By using which you can save both your time and mobile as well and you can save your mobile from getting damaged due to useless apps. So let’s know about those 7 Best Android App-

7 Best Android App Lists

1) 1Weather App

You will find many weather apps on Play Store but 1Weather is the best app. This App is quite simple and also has Paginated Design. In this app, you get to see the current weather condition and in this you can see the forecast and radar report for up to 12 weeks. Apart from this, you get standard stuff and lightly customizable widgets like severe weather notifications and a decent set of radars, so you can see any storm closely and this is the best feature of this app.

You get to see all the features with ads in the free version of this app too, but if you want to remove ads, you can remove that ad by paying something. Free and Pay both of these versions are of the same type except for advertisements. Most of the fun facts about the weather are available as soon as you open this app. Other popular weather information apps include Today Weather and Accu Weather.

2) Google Drive

Google Drive is a very good app and it belongs to Google, everyone knows this. You can use the Cloud Storage available on this App and you get 15GB of storage for free on signing up in this App, if someone needs more storage then you can buy it easily. In Google Drive, you get a suite of Android App, which gives you access to all these services like Google Sheet, Google slide, Google Docs, Google photo and Gmail, Google calendar. By using Google Drive, you can save your mobile storage from filling up.

Google Drive also gives us backup of videos and unlimited photos. You get these features of Microsoft Office Documents, Live collaboration and Deep sharing features in using Google Drive and also get to use similar setup with Office and OneDrive of Microsoft Office. This app proves to be very beneficial as compared to other apps.

3) Solid Explorer App

Solid Explorer This is a great app. You can use this App as File Explorer Apps. In this App you get Archiving support, Material Design and most popular cloud services and Support is also available for that. Plus more Power user stuff eg. SFPT, WebDav, FTP and SMB/CIFS support is also available.

All these features make it a great app and incredibly stable. This App works very well. For the good features of this App, you get a chance to use this App for free for 14-days with Rs.199. Many people use this File Manager App.

Friends, I would like to say one thing, that if you need this app, then only you have to spend money, otherwise you can use it for free.

4) Google Maps and Waze App

Google has launched Google Maps Navigation App and this app is a much better Android Navigation App than all Navigation App. This app keeps getting new updates every week. This Google Maps will help you a lot to find the place, find traffic, find rest stops or gas station, hotel, restaurant, petrol pump, besides many other places and you can reach easily. Apart from this, you will be able to use Google Map offline easily.

If you join the waze experience of Google Maps, then you get a lot of features in it. By getting Waze, you will not need any other Navigation App. Google Maps includes Waze, but it is quite different from Google Maps. With this, your using experience will also be very good.

5) Podcast Addict App

Podcast addict This App is a very good App for its Podcast fans. You can think of every podcast in this app. In this App you get effective UI and a Simple and many organizational features are also available. Apart from this, many Playback and Download features are also available. You can get its premium version by paying only once.

You can also do Podcast browser on the basis of category in this App, otherwise you can also do separate search for them. In this App you can also set Download Rules, you can easily create Playlist.

This app is much better than all the apps in this category.

6) LastPass App

LastPass is a great password app. By using this App you can save your login credentials. You can use this App on your account and this App also helps you to create a good and difficult password. Also you can protect your entire mobile using one master password. This App also has cross platform support, so that you can use this App on mobile and computer as well. This app is much better than other apps.

You also get the Premium version of this App and they are available at a very low cost. In the premium version, you get Dashlane, 1Password, Bit Warden and Keepass Droid, some other features like this and apart from this, you get to see some more features. This app is very secure and mobile friendly.

7) Zedge App

Friends, if you are fond of new Wallpapers and are fond of Funny or Romantic Ringtones, then this Zedge App is a good option for you. Apart from this, Notification tones and Alarm tones are also available in this App. With the help of this App, you can use many very good Wallpapers and can also use Ringtones. You will get many lists of all these, from which you can choose your choice and use it.

This App is a complete collection of so many things. This Zedge App promotes various items during certain festival seasons. As. On Halloween, Christmas and other holidays. This app is not correct to some extent because some advertisements come in it, which can disturb the user. But if you want to avoid those advertisements, then you have to take their Paid Version.


Friends, today through our post, we have to go very well about 7 Best Android App. This app is some useful app in your mobile and these apps are also important for your mobile.

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