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What is computer network?

What is computer network

What do you understand by Computer Network? In this article, what is Computer Network, its types have been explained. Do you know what is Network and Networking? If you do not know what is Computer Network? Then definitely read this article till the end. Because in this article we have told the complete information about Computer Network. In which it is told what is Computer Network, Essential Components of Computer Network, Types of Network, What is LAN, What is MAN, What is WAN, What is PAN, What is CAN, History of Network, What is Networking, What is Networking What are the benefits, uses of the network.

You must be using the Internet. Through this only we are able to communicate with our friends and get a lot of information from the Internet. You are also reading this information of Computer Network through Internet only. But do you know what is Internet and how Internet was created. What is Internet, how Internet works and how Internet was created. To know, you should have knowledge of Computer Network. Because Internet is also a computer network. That’s why it is necessary to understand Computer Network to understand Internet. That’s why here we have given complete information about Computer Network.

The information about the network mentioned here is important for all those people. Those who want to make a career in the field of Computer or Computer Networking. That’s why you must read this article. You will definitely get to learn something new from this article. Which will make you expert and smart in the technical field. So let’s first read the information about what is Computer Network.

What is Computer Network?

Connecting two or more computers to share information among themselves is called Computer Network. That is, when two or more computers are connected by any means. Then a computer network is created. A computer network is a group of computers connected to each other. Which are able to communicate and share data with each other. At least two computers are required to establish a network. In which one press computer ie sending computer and another receiving computer ie receiving computer is required. Apart from this, Network Protocol and medium are required.

The computer from which data is shared while sharing or communicating data in the network. That press will be called computer and the computer on which data is sent or the computer on which that data is received. It will be called the receiving computer. In this Network Protocol acts as a rule. Which tells the Share Data in the network, where and how to send it and the medium is said to connect the computers. Today computers can be connected to the network through any means, wired or wireless. Wired medium in network consists of Optical Fiber Cable, Coaxial Cable and Twisted Pair Cable etc. While the wireless medium can be any of Radio Wave, Infrared, Bluetooth and Satellite etc.

Many electronic devices are connected in a computer network. As; Computer, Server, Mainframe, Smartphone and Network Devices etc. All these are connected with each other through one way or the other. The biggest and popular example of Computer Network is Internet. Any computer around the world can connect to it and take advantage of the Internet. The process of adding electronic devices to the network is called networking. That is, the process of building a computer network is called networking. In the field of networking, the computer connected to the network is called Nodes and the computer providing services is called Server.

Essential components of network

As we have mentioned above what is required to set up a computer network. Here you will read in detail about everything required to set up a network. So let’s first know what is Network Devices?

1. Network Devices

As its name suggests, it is a device. It is usually used as Networking Hardware. Whose work is to connect computer or any other electronic device to the network. There are many types of networking devices. Whose example is given below.

  • HUB
  • Switch
  • Router
  • Modem
  • Gateway
  • Bridge
  • Repeater

2.Transmission Media

It is a way or a medium. Whose work is to carry electronic signal from one computer connected to the network to another computer. The speed of data transfer in a computer network depends on its medium. Nowadays data transfer happens through the following means.

  • wired
  • wireless

3. Network Interface

Network interface is a major hardware component of networking. Without which the computer cannot connect to a network. It is called Network Interface Card, Network Interface Controller, Network Adapter, Ethernet and Lan Adapter etc.

4. Network Protocol

Computer network works according to pre-defined rules. Its rule itself is called Network Protocol. Usually these protocols determine how and where the data transfer will take place. Only through this in the network, two computers are able to communicate or transfer data among themselves.

  • TCP/IP
  • https
  • FTP

Types of Network

How many types of Computer Network are there? Usually a network is divided on the basis of its size, distance, structure and medium. Thus Computer Network can be divided into five types. which is like this.

  • PAN
  • LAN
  • CAN
  • Man
  • WAN

Let us know these five types of network in detail.

1. What is Personal Area Network (PAN)?

The full form of PAN is Personal Area Network. Personal Area Network is limited to the work area of a single person. In which a person’s Personal Computer, Smartphone, Tablet and other electronic devices are connected and data transmission is done between each other devices.

2. What is Local Area Network (LAN)?

The full name of LAN is Local Area Network and Local Area Network. As you must have come to know from its name that Local Area Network works only at the local level. That is, it is such a network. Whose spread is up to the local area. It is mostly used in local areas like; Home is in small group or organization like offices, school, college. Ethernet technology is used in most LANs.

3. What is Campus Area Network (CAN)?

The full form of CAN is Campus Area Network. This is such a computer network. Which is larger than the Local Area Network but spreads over a limited geographical area.

4. What is Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)?

The full form of MAN is Metropolitan Area Network. It is a type of computer network larger than the Local Area Network but located inside the city. It connects the computers of any one city. MAN is made up of Routers, Switches and Hubs.

5. What is Wide Area Network (WAN)?

The full name of WAN is Wide Area Network. This is such a computer network. In which not only areas or cities are added. Rather it connects the whole world. It is spread all over the world. That is, it works to connect the computers of all the countries. Thus we can say that Wide Area Network is bigger than all other types of network. The best example of this is the Internet.

History of Network

Do you know what is the history of Computer Network? Today all the people of the world are connected to the network. What is the history behind developing it? The beginning of Computer Network started many years ago between 1960 and 1970. Around 1960, the world’s first computer network was created for the US Department of Defense (US Army).

Which was named ARPANET. Because it was created by an organization called ARPA. In this network, computers of UCLA, SRI, UCSB and University of Utah were connected through wire. The first message in this network was sent between UCLA and SRI on October 19, 1969. It worked on Network Packet Switching. Initially, this network was used only by the US government and the army. But as the computer network developed. By the way, its geographical area also increased and gradually common people also started using it. Similarly, the development and expansion of Computer Network continued. Due to which the world’s largest network became Internet.

Uses of Computer Network

Do you know what is the function of network. Let us tell you that Computer Network is used in the following works.

1. File Sharing

File sharing is a common function of any computer network. Which means if our device is connected to a network. Then we can share files from our device to any other device in that network. This is the biggest advantage of a computer network. Due to these functions present in the network, we are all able to share Photos and Videos from Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube.

2. Resource Sharing

Any hardware and software resources connected to the network such as Printer, Scanner or Application can be used by every person connected to the network. By doing this, these resources are not required separately for each person in a company or organization. That is, due to Computer Network, a lot of money is also saved.

3. Email

Today, people connected to Computer Network are able to communicate with each other fast by using Email.

4. Fax Sharing

Fax sharing is also possible because of computer network. Through Fax, any document can be delivered anywhere from any corner of the world. It is mostly used in business.

5. Remote Access

By remote accessing any devices connected to the network, you can use and control that device from anywhere. This facility is also available only because of the network. But due to this there is a fear of remote access to our device. But to get remote access to any device, the permission of that device is required.

6. Communication

Earlier there was no means of communication like network. The one who can convey our words to someone else in a moment. But the network made it possible. Today, due to computer network, we can talk to any person in the world.

Conclusion – Computer Network

You must have often heard people saying that there is no network. Due to which internet is not working. So this means that you are using Tower or any other medium to connect your device to the Internet. But due to some problem your device is not connecting through that medium. Because of which you are not able to access the biggest network or internet. So I hope that you would have liked this information of Computer Network. In which you must have got to learn something new.

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