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What is WordPad and how to use WordPad?

What is WordPad

If you use Computer, then you will know very well what is WordPad and how to use WordPad. You’ve probably also used WordPad. This is a great and simple text editor that is easily understood by everyone.

Different versions of WordPad are available in different versions of Windows.

WordPad is a basic word processor available in every version of Windows since 95. It is used to create and modify documents.

It is definitely a bit slow to load compared to Notepad, it can handle graphics and rich formatting very comfortably, unlike notepad, as well as can handle large files. WordPad is most preferred for quick notes and text-based writing.

What is Wordpad

WordPad is a text editor created by Microsoft. It is available in all types of Windows Computer. In this, you can prepare any kind of notes, create text format. It has many features due to which it is different from Notepad.
What goes into making the most use of Wordpad Notes. It is a word processing software designed by Microsoft to create Notes. Although its use has become very less after the arrival of Microsoft Word, but some of its features make it unique even today. Let us know about the tools of Wordpad.

Wordpad definition

Wordpad is a basic word processor program created by Microsoft. Which come inbuilt with MS Windows Operating System as well. It is a simple word processor which is used to write simple notes or create documents.

How to use wordpad

Wordpad is user friendly software due to which every user can easily understand and use it. Its tools are also very easy. Let us know about all the tools of Wordpad.

1. Bold The Font
Through this tool, you can bold any font in Wordpad to focus on it. In this, that text becomes deep black and looks most special.

2. Underline The Font
Through this tool, you can underline any font in Wordpad so that that font looks like the main font. We can underline any heading.

3. Italic Font
Through this tool, you can italicize any font in Wordpad, which makes that font crooked and looks great.

4. Language
Through this tool, you can change the language of the written text or the language you select will be written in the same language. Wordpad has more than 50 languages, through which you can write your fonts in the best way.

5. Size
With this tool, you can change the size of any font and make it bigger or smaller. If you want to make a headline bigger then this tool is used.

6. Strikethrough
With this tool, you can line any text. Suppose you have to show a line on any text, then the help of this tool is taken.

7. Subscript
Through this tool, you can show numbers below any text. These tools are used in science formulas. For example, to write the formula of water as H20, this tool is used to put 2 below H.

8. Superscript
Through this tool, you can show the number above any text. Which is called ambush in the language of mathematics. For example, to put 3 on top of a in a3, this tool is used.

9. Text Highlight Color
With this tool, you can highlight any font color, so that the text looks different. If you have marked a definition or a special topic in the book with a highlight pen, this tool is useful in the same way.

10. Text Color
With this tool, you can change the color of any text so that it looks attractive.

11. Insert Picture
Through this tool, you can add any image in Wordpad.

12. Insert Paint Drawing
If you want to add a Microsoft Paint drawing to Wordpad, then this tool is used.

13. Insert Date And Time
This tool is used to add Date and Time in Wordpad.

14. Insert Object
This tool is used to insert any type of object in your Wordpad document, such as a file from Adobe Photoshop or a Graph Chart. Whether it is an Excel worksheet or a presentation of Power Point, all can be added to it.

15. Find
This tool is used to find any font in Wordpad.

16. Replace
After finding any font, if it is to be replaced with other text, then this tool is used. Like if you have to find Ram from the whole text and change it to Shyam, then Ram will be written in Find What and Shyam will be written in Replace With and click on Replace, that word will change automatically.

17. Select All
With the help of this tool, you can select your entire font. If you want, you can also select all the text by pressing CTRL + A.

18. Zoom In and Zoom Out
With the help of these tools, you can zoom in and zoom out the wordpad, that is, you can make it bigger and smaller.

19. Start A List
With the help of this tool, you can create list format in Wordpad. For example, if the features of anything are to be shown in the list, then this tool is used.

20. Line Spacing
With this tool, you can put space in the middle of the line and can also remove it.

These are some of the WordPad tools that you must know about if you want to use WordPad and become a true Power User.

Elements of WordPad

Now let us know what are the main elements of the Wordpad window.

Title bar
The title bar is at the top of the entire Wordpad window, which shows the name of the opened file. Until a file is saved with a name, its name remains Document.

Quick Access Toolbar
It has command buttons like Save, Undo, Redo, with the help of which a command can be run quickly.

Tab Bar
Each tab on the tab bar provides a separate tool on the ribbon. It is also called Ribbon Tab Bar.

In this, all the commands of different tabs are arranged group wise.

It is a scale which is used to adjust the text area in the document with a correct size and to do Tab Setting etc.

Program Window Control
It has Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons, with the help of which the Wordpad window is minimized, enlarged or closed.

Scroll Bars
It remains like a slider on the side of the Wordpad window, with the help of which a large document is scrolled up-down, left-right.

Insertion Point
It appears like a small line blinking on the working area which indicates where the next text will be printed. It is also called Cursor.

Status Bar
Here it shows the position of the mouse pointer on the document. There is a Zoom Level Control in the Right Side of this, with the help of which the document is zoomed in-zoom out.

What is the main use of Wordpad?

Talking about the use of Wordpad, it is mainly used to make notes or to make a simple document, letter, etc.

WordPad is used to perform many tasks such as

1. To create, open, and save documents.

2. For formatting documents – in which their size is changed and the style of print is changed, along with the look of the page can also be changed etc.

3. You can insert dates, pictures and hyperlinks.

4. You can also view the documents.

5. You can also create page margins.

6. You can also print documents as well.

What did you learn today

I hope you must have liked this article of mine, what is wordpad. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about how to use wordpad to the readers, so that there is no need to search in the context of that article in any other sites or internet.

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