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What is Speaker and Types of Speaker

What is Speaker

Do you know what is a speaker? How do speakers work? What is the need of computer speaker? Types of speaker

What is Speaker?

Speaker is a computer hardware output device, which is used to listen to the sound by connecting to the computer.
Some special types of speakers are made to connect to the computer.
While other speakers can be connected to any device.

The signals for the sound coming out of the computer speakers are created by the computer “sound card”.

IBM made the first internal computer in 1981 whose sound quality was not very good.

Most early monitors had speakers placed on the bottom right and bottom left or on the front of the monitor. But nowadays speakers are being placed on the left and right side of the monitor.

How does the speaker work?

As we said above, the main function of a speaker is that it converts electric waves into sound waves.

The speaker first receives sound from the computer or any device. This sound is either analog or digital.

If the sound received by the speaker is analog then an analog speaker converts it directly into sound waves and if the sound is digital then a digital speaker first converts it into an analog signal and then into a sound wave.

The sound coming out of the speaker is called frequency (frequency) or amplitude (amplitude). The frequency tells whether the sound produced was high or low. The quality of the sound depends on how the signals are being received by the speaker.

Amplitude measures the pressure created by the sound waves. The more pressure is given to the voice, the louder the voice is heard. In devices where the audio source is weak, speakers are used to enhance the sound quality.

What is the type of speaker?

There are many types of speakers on the basis of technology, which are explained in detail below-

1 – Sub-Woofers

Sub-woofers are very low-frequency speakers, with an intensity of sound between 20 and 200 Hz. These are used in home theatres, cars etc.

2 – Loudspeaker

These are the common type of home speakers that were used in the past to receive sound from radios, televisions, stereos, etc.

This type of speaker is mostly used in weddings, parties, stage shows etc. Due to their large size, they occupy more space. These days these types of speakers are also available in smaller sizes.

3 – Studio Monitors

Studio monitor speakers produce sound with clarity. These are mostly used for listening to music, sports equipment.

4 – Floor Standing Speaker

Floor standing speakers are about 4 feet high which can be made to stand on any floor. More space is required to place this type of speaker. Most of you must have seen floor standing speakers around you. This type of speaker requires an amplifier and receiver.

5 – Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are medium sized. These can prove to be a great option in a home theater setup. These speakers are directional, which means you have to face yourself to hear the sound properly. This type of speaker also requires an amplifier and receiver, just like floor standing.

6 – Central Channel Speaker

The quality of the central channel speaker is on par with studio monitors. These speakers are placed in front of or above the television to bring quality to the sound of the television.

7 – Satellite Speakers

Satellite speakers are smaller in size as well as wired. They already have a sub-woofer and this sub-woofer is the typical power source for them. You can install this type of speaker anywhere in the house.

8 – In-Wall Speaker

In-wall speakers are also called in-ceiling speakers, these speakers are very expensive and they are not easy to install. These can be used in homes, in-wall speakers are a good option if you want to listen to music in any room of the house. The in-wall speaker is beneficial for music lovers.

9 – On-Wall Speaker

You can fit the on wall speaker in the walls of your house, for this you do not need to make holes in the walls of your house.

To keep the floor standing speaker, you need more space in the floor, but in the on wall speaker, you do not need much space in the floor. You can easily fit them on your wall.

10 – Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are being used in a large amount in today’s time. Bluetooth speakers are wireless speakers. These are connected to the device via Bluetooth. Their sound quality is very good.

11 – Outdoor Speaker

Outdoor speakers are weatherproof, you can buy this type of speaker as a speaker or system as per your requirement.

What is the use of speaker?

By now you must have understood well what is a speaker, now we will know about its use. Speakers have the following uses –

  • The sound of video or audio can be heard in the computer.
  • Speakers are used to deliver sound to a large number of people.
  • Speakers are used in weddings, parties etc.
  • Speakers are also used in business meetings.
  • Speakers are used to give information to passengers in railways, airports.
  • Apart from these, the speaker has many uses.

What are the advantages of the speaker?

The speaker has the following advantages –

  • Different sizes of speakers are available in the market for use in different places.
  • With the help of loudspeakers, high amplitude sound waves can be generated to cover a large number of audience over a large area.
  • The speaker is very easy and simple to use, anyone can use it without any training.
  • With the help of the speaker, you can listen to any type of multimedia in the computer.
  • If the speaker is properly taken care of, it will last for a long time.

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