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Twitter something went wrong try reloading chrome

Twitter something went wrong try reloading chrome

You’re probably dealing with a bug if you constantly seeing the message “Something went wrong please try reloading Twitter.” Restarting your computer or smartphone and refreshing your web browser are two things you can try. If that didn’t work, you might need to erase the cache on your Twitter app.

Like many others, I spend a lot of time on Twitter. The “something went wrong” issue used to appear frequently last year, despite the fact that I haven’t encountered it in a while. On Windows, iOS, and Android, I tried every possible repair.

There are several ways to resolve the error message, but you must first rule out a server outage on Twitter’s end. None of the solutions listed below will work if they are. To see if you are dealing with this, go to this website.

You are left with no choice except to wait for Twitter’s personnel to address whatever is resulting in the “wrong try again” error.

Solution 1: Restart your device

Try a reset first. In order to eliminate whatever is triggering the “wrong try again” error message, this would shut down all currently active programmes and processes. Additionally, any incorrect temporary data that might be the root of the Twitter problem would be deleted.

Click the Windows logo, press the Power button, and then select Restart to restart your machine.

Of course, the steps you take will vary depending on whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone.

To restart an Android device:

Keep holding down the power button.

from the power menu, select the Restart option.

Hold off till your device restarts.

Rebooting iPhones using Face ID

Press either volume button and the Side button simultaneously.

Slide the power dial.

Keep pressing the Side button to raise your smartphone back up.

Restarting an older iPhone:

Hold down the Side button while pressing it until the power slider displays.

Move it around.

Keep pressing the Side button to raise your smartphone back up.

 Delete Browser Cookies & Cache

The problem might have been brought on by a corrupted cache in your web browser. If this is your situation, you may experience a number of issues in addition to the Twitter website not functioning.

This is simple to fix. Navigate to the browser cache section of your browser’s settings. However, as you might expect, the procedure varies slightly for web browsers.

Open Twitter in private mode first, then delete your browsing history and cache. If the error notice doesn’t show, transient data issues can be ruled out.

You can only attempt clearing your cache on a desktop computer; you cannot do it on a mobile device. Here are the steps to follow if you’ve opened Incognito mode and decided to try this trick.

Open the Chrome web browser

Press either the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + Del or Ctrl + H.

Hold off till the History page appears.

On the top left of the screen, select the Clear Browsing Data option.

From the time range menu that opens, choose All-Time.

Clear Twitter Cache

Delete the temporary data from your Twitter account if it doesn’t work. It might be corrupt and misbehaving, in such case.

Under Windows:

Use your PC to access Twitter.

Visit the Search window.

The drop-down recommendations option will appear; select Recent.

the All-Clear button

For mobile Android users:

Switch to the Settings application.

open the apps

Access the Twitter app.

Toggle Storage.

Select the Clear Cache button.

Check to verify whether it worked by closing and reopening the Twitter app on iOS.

Access Twitter

Hit the hamburger button.

Choosing Settings and Privacy

Choose Data Usage.

Decide on Clear Media Storage.

Hopefully, you are no longer bothered by the “something went wrong” error. I have a few additional tweaks if you’re still having trouble using your Twitter account.

Android smartphone users:

Change to the Settings programme.

launch the applications

the Twitter app is accessed.

Switch Storage.

The Clear Cache button should be chosen.

Close and reopen the Twitter app on iOS to see whether it was successful.

Visit Twitter

Press the hamburger icon.

Setting & Privacy Options

Decide on Data Usage.

Choose Clear Media Storage.

Hopefully, the “something went wrong” error is no longer bothering you. If you’re still experiencing problems utilising your Twitter account, I have a few more adjustments.

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