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Why The Influencers Gone Wild

Why The Influencers Gone Wild

Influencer marketing is changing with great speed. It become an important part of every brand’s budget. According to the latest analysis, it is determined that the influencer industry will skyrocket and hit to $80 million budget by 2028.

Because of the tough competition among influencers, some influencers adopt distasteful ethics and unethical methods and gone wild. They gone wild on social media and become entertainment for people to watch. In this way, they decrease their leads and conversions and lose their fan base. It is true that they gain a lot of attention from people but do not gain customer trust.

Influencers gold wild- Why it is not necessary.

The influencer gone wild to get likes, views, and engagement in a short time. The thing is that this strategy becomes old quickly and is not liked by people. There is a reason why people choose influencers instead of ads. People skip the ad every time, and those who afford it pay fees to get an ad-free experience. But if the influencers are gone wild, then people do not like them also.

Viewers always like to hear about products from those whom they know and trust. If we talk about social media influencers, then their First impressions with people are their last experience, so if they try to make a good impact on them and ensure their engagement.

But gone wild is not a good solution for them. Let us now put light on the fact in influencers gone wild is unnecessary.

  1. Vlogger got injured by an octopus.

A vlogger learned the tough way that people should not play with their food, especially when it is kicking or alive. One of the female vloggers tried to eat an octopus when it was alive and got an injury on her face when she tried to rip free octopus.

  1. Silicone replica of Ingham baby

The Ingham Family get 1.2 million YouTube subscribers by selling a replica silicone doll of their 4-month-old baby Jace, which consists of the birth certificate and a few diapers. Some people find it cute, whereas others are horrified by this activity and consider it irresponsible, unbelievably weird, and creepy.

  1. Sexy, preety streamer turns into 58 years old woman by filter

A vlogger called “Her Royal Highness Quiao Biluo” lost huge fans when some technical errors were disclosed that she was not young and pretty as she pretended. Instead of it, she was 58 years old woman who was cary from goddess cut, as her fans think.

  1. Tiffany Mitchell accused of motorcycle accident fake for likes and views

People were so angry when  Tiffany Mitchell uploaded pictures of motorcycle accidents, declared that it was only glamorizing accidents, and accused of faking and being sponsored by SmartWater. Viewers were angry to see that she still took the picture and uploaded it after the accident.

  1. Influencers tell about fake drinks for weight loss.

The social media influencer Lauren Goodger, with Zara Holland and Mike Hassini, was criticized heavily after secret footage of agreeing to promote fake weight loss drinks that are made up of hydrogen cyanide. This substance is considered a lethal chemical. It had come to know when this news leaked among people. Holland claimed that she did not know about this chemical or the large amount offered to them during the meeting.

  1. Tiktokers show a violent relationship.

TikTokers, Lauren Godwin and Sebastian Bails come into the trend by pranking their friends and insisting they think that they come in an abusive relationship. A video of tiktokers appeared in which they shouted at each other and showed violence. Few people found it a funny video, but the majority of people who are against violence considered it totally horrifying.

  1. The double life of Lisa li

Lisa Li, a Chinese influencer, got 1.1 million followers after she was exposed by a landlady in her flat. Her flat is not only filthy but filled with dog poop and disgusting also. She also left the $500 utility debt. The landlady exposes her and shows how irresponsible the influencer is. After her exposed video post on the internet, Lisa li suddenly apologized, resurfaced,  and started cleaning her flat

  1. Influencer couples asked for $11,000 from their fans to go on vacation

The influencer couples Catalin Onc and Elena Engelhardt asked for $11,000 from fans so that they would go to Africa for vacation. They want to go to South Africa to get good content for their social media and make money from fans. Due to this, people show their anger on social media and call them shameful and egotistical brats.

  1. Discuss mass suicide

Many people were not happy when YouTuber, Mukbang uploaded her video discussing mass suicide during eating cheese. People comment on this and write that  She is sitting and literally discussing mass suicide or giving a review on cheese taste. I am in confusion.

  1. Jessy Taylor- From 1lakh to 0 followers

Imagine when the 1 lakh followers turn to 0 because the social media account is down. Jessy Taylor learns the tough way that you do not run your mouth and go with it. Jessy is no new to drama and is already involved in some online squabbles.

She uploads videos constantly, and she also regrets titles and says, I m sorry that I behave like a bad person. This is the fact why Jessy is not liked by people, and her fans report her account and permanently delete it.


It is true that there is tough competition among influencers, and they face many challenges to reach the top. But still, using the gone wild strategy by influencers is not good in any way. There are many smart techniques, strategies,  and software that are used by brands and come out from the competition.

As an influencer, you should never underestimate your fans because they are smarter than you expect. In the end, it is suggested to do research on smart tools and strategies that helps you to come to the top of the competition instead of gone wild.

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