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Gautami Patil Biography, Wiki, Age and Family

Gautami Patil Biography


Famously known dancer Gautami Patil is an Indian personality known for her unique dancing style that often stays in controversies. She is usually seen doing a traditional Lavini dance originating from Maharastra. With years of experience, Gautami has an energetic presence and puts a lot of effort into every move she performs making her a professional and well-recognised personality. 

She rose to prominence after she started sharing her talent online on multiple social media platforms. Most of her fans know her from the digital content that she regularly posts on her social handles. The primary reason she caught the attention of lots of people is for performing obscene moves that many of Gautami’s fans trolled her for. 

Other than her prominent presence on social media she is also been a honourable chief guest on many programs. Currently, as of 2023 she is still growing in her dancing carrer and achieving new heights. 

Gautami Patil Biography

Shindkedal, Dhule, Maharastra is the birthplace where Gautami Patil was born in the year 1996. She is 27 years old as of 2023 and is an Indian by nationality. The zodiac sign of Gautami is Aries signifying her personality as a passionate, determined and high-energy person. 

Born in a troubled family Gautami faced a lot of challenges growing up. As she grew she did her schooling from a local public school in her hometown Shindkedal Dhule. Due to a troubled childhood, she was only able to study till 10th grade. She had a passion for dancing from her childhood the extremes in her life just pushed her to pursue her carrer in dancing further as she grew.  

At the age of 14 or 15, she was struck with a financial crisis due to the supporting figure of the family her mother losing her job. Leading to Gautmai having to quit her education and pursue something that can support her livelihood. After 10th standard, she began her dancing journey by joining Rajshree Shahu Vidya Mandir and went on to enrol in Vishwakala Dance Academy.

Family & Relationships

Gautami’s father and mother’s name is yet unknown as she hasn’t shared details about them. However, when she was young her mother and father got separated due to her father’s alcohol abuse and toxic behaviour. Gautami was then raised in the care of her mother and grandfather. Later in life she and her mother moved to Pune to give her father a second chance.

Things didn’t go as planned Gautami’s father was still suffering from his alcohol issues which led to him losing his job and family to separate once again. Her mother took a step up and decided to stay in Pune she took up a job to support their living. While Gautami’s mother was supporting her family she was greatly pursuing her interest in dancing along with education. 

As of now in 2023, Gautami is unmarried and is not in any relationship or it could be that she has successfully kept her relations private.

Physical Appearance

Gautami is beautiful and has a gorgeous physical experience with a healthy weight of 50 kg. With her long black hair and black eyes, she has stunning looks that captivate many fans. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has a figure measurement of 34-28-34.


From a very young age, Gautami was eager to perform as a leading dancer in many programs. At the age of 15, she embarked on her professional dancing career when she performed at Akluk Lavvni Mohotsav. Her first performance was full of flaws but it didn’t stop her from growing.

From a young age, she started mastering her art and learned her Lavin dance from Shubhangi Tambwekar. Later, she went on to perform in various DJ shows, Koligeet and Lokdhara. Her breakthrough point came when her performance during a Dhai Handi festival went viral gaining a lot of attention.  

At the same time, her performance was criticized by many saying it goes against Marathi culture. She apologized for her mistakes and went on to make a great name in the industry. Her fame only grew as she made her presence on social media gather the attention of many more people. 

Facts & Information

  • Gautami shares her success with her supportive backdancers.
  • As of now Gautami and her mother live together.  
  • On 12 Feb 2023, she was featured in a ding called Patlancha Bailgada.

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