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Find Property Data When You Need It

Find Property Data

While obtaining data from a government entity is undoubtedly an option, many people need instant, easy access to property information. Everyone from insurance providers and lenders to real estate agents benefit when property information is easy to acquire. Even new residents find they can find out who their neighbors are.

Speed is a Benefit

Speed is always beneficial when obtaining property data from the county or other entity. Rather than contacting or visiting several offices, obtain valuable data almost instantly. That saves everyone time and allows a variety of interactions to progress without lengthy delays. Everyone involved can move on to more important things rather than waiting for information. Property Scout provides accurate information quickly.

Who Owns a Property?

In many cases, finding out who actually owns a property is essential. For example, an insurance agent can quickly determine the owner of record for a specific address when reviewing an application for coverage. Property Scout scours records quickly and provides a report detailing who owns a property. That type of information also reduces the odds of insurance coverage issues arising later should a loss occur. Any policy should include the same names and spelling found on the original purchase documents. Discovering ownership discrepancies during the application process eliminates one potential issue that could result in the denial or delay of a claim later.

Obtain Accurate Information

In many instances, even property owners are unsure of the square footage of their home, the year built, and the lot size. Property Scout’s databases include a list of important information that insurers, real estate agents, and lenders need to provide services. During the listing process, real estate agents must compile a long list of information to provide prospective buyers. Inaccurate information can easily lead to issues later. Lenders benefit from aerial photos that show the lot and improvements, which helps loan applications and approvals flow smoothly. Even things like the condition of a home’s roof are helpful to insurers, real estate agents, and lenders.

Up-to-Date Information Protects Everyone

One issue that’s popped up recently is fraudulent mortgages. Property owners only find out an unauthorized individual has taken out a mortgage when they go to sell their property or apply for loans. Information from Property Scouts identifies mortgages and liens, which makes addressing or avoiding problems easier for owners. Property tax records are also included, allowing Property Scout clients to determine if any taxes are owed.

Valuations are Easier

One issue facing property owners and lenders is determining the value of a property. The Property Scout data includes an estimate of current value based on community data. While that estimate may not be totally accurate due to various factors, it provides a point of reference that’s helpful when trying to establish a property’s value in a volatile market.

Is Property Scout Right for Your Needs?

Not everyone needs a service like Property Scout, but many individuals and businesses do. If you’re on the fence or are unsure how the service will help your business, take the time now to contact the company for additional information.

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