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Top 10 Successful Clean Water Tech Startups in the UK

Clean Water Tech Startup

Introduction to Clean Water Technology

In a world where access to clean water has become increasingly vital, these innovative companies are leading the charge in revolutionizing how we purify and conserve this precious resource. From groundbreaking filtration systems to cutting-edge monitoring technology, these startups are making waves in an industry that affects us all.

Here are the top 10 Successful Clean Water Tech Startups in the UK:

  1. Oxyl Technologies:
    • Focus: Water treatment solutions using advanced oxidation processes.
    • Significance: Oxyl Technologies focuses on innovative approaches to water treatment, utilizing advanced oxidation techniques to address water contamination and purification challenges.
  2. WaterScope:
    • Focus: Affordable water testing kits for detecting contaminants.
    • Significance: WaterScope is known for its commitment to making water testing more accessible by developing cost-effective kits that enable individuals and communities to monitor water quality.
  3. Oxford Flow:
    • Focus: Precision-engineered flow control solutions for water and gas.
    • Significance: Oxford Flow is recognized for its advanced flow control technology that can be applied to efficiently manage water and gas flows, contributing to improved infrastructure and resource management.
  4. Pavegen:
    • Focus: Flooring technology that generates off-grid electricity from footsteps.
    • Significance: While not exclusively a water tech startup, Pavegen’s technology has applications in various sectors, including urban infrastructure where energy generated from footsteps can be utilized for water-related projects.
  5. Desolenator:
    • Focus: Sustainable water purification technology powered by solar energy.
    • Significance: Desolenator addresses water purification challenges by combining solar power and desalination techniques, providing sustainable solutions for regions facing water scarcity.
  6. BioSure:
    • Focus: Water testing services to detect microbial contamination.
    • Significance: BioSure offers microbial testing services to identify and address waterborne pathogens, contributing to the improvement of water quality and safety.
  7. Water-to-Go:
    • Focus: Water filtration bottles designed for clean and safe drinking water.
    • Significance: Water-to-Go provides portable filtration solutions in the form of water bottles, allowing individuals to access clean water by removing contaminants while on the go.
  8. Drops:
    • Focus: Smart water meters and leak detection systems.
    • Significance: Drops specializes in developing smart water meters and leak detection technology, enabling more efficient water usage and helping utilities identify and mitigate leaks promptly.
  9. Kelda Technology:
    • Focus: Water-saving shower systems to reduce water consumption.
    • Significance: Kelda Technology aims to optimize water usage in showers, delivering water-saving solutions without compromising user experience through innovative engineering.
  10. Inflowmatix:
    • Focus: Innovative solutions for water network management and optimization.
    • Significance: Inflowmatix focuses on developing technologies that enhance the management and efficiency of water distribution networks, contributing to better water resource utilization.


Clean water is a vital resource that is essential for the well-being and sustainability of our planet. The challenges we face in ensuring access to clean water are immense, but thanks to the innovative solutions provided by these top 10 successful clean water tech startups in the UK, we have reasons to be hopeful.

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